Let Me Tell You How I Got Saved by Charles Lewis Anthony

Let Me Tell You
How I Got Saved

Charles Lewis Anthony
In Let Me Tell You How I Got Saved, Charles Lewis Anthony tells readers there is a better way of life and other options in life besides the gang lifestyle, and that the way of a transgressor is hard. God wants His children to know Him.
Customer Reviews
Wow. This is evidence of how Jesus can save us from a life of misery, sin, destruction. Brother Charles goes into great detail of the process Jesus took him through. Powerful testimony. God bless Brother Charles. Glory be to the Almighty Adan, Amazon customer
Charles Lewis Anthony - Author


Deacon Charles Lewis Anthony is a true living witness of how God has reversed his life. His story shows how second chances and moments in life can lead one to God and affirms God’s faithfulness and goodness to His children.