Let Me Tell You
How I Got Saved

Charles Lewis Anthony
Born in the 1970s and raised in the 1980s in the gang-populated city of Los Angeles, California, Ray Watkins had to make some decisions for himself. Some turned out bad, and some turned out good, but the important thing was to stay alive and live to see another day. Sit back as Ray takes us on a journey of street life survival and his encounter with our Heavenly Father. Excerpts: “As I pushed through the crowd and walked home, I thought to myself, Not bad for my first fight. I think I just discovered one of my skills! Too bad I had to lose a friend in the process though.”
“We continued smashing down Catalina as the chopper circled around us. As we got to 36th Street, we hit the corner and jumped off the scooters using the trees and an apartment building as cover.”
“Vooshia picked me up while I was smelling like a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I didn’t care at all! Jesus said to come as you are, so I did just that, with all of my problems.”