Measures to Receiving God’s Grace

Nothing can separate us from the love of God. He fills His people with joy, the kind of happiness that this wilderness can never deliver. This happiness is not just a glee of fleeting pleasure—it dives into the depths of our being. Despite all the adversities we experience in this world, God’s grace is the only one that can break those chains, giving us eternal freedom. At His own expense and work, His grace is stronger than everything, even sin.

Nowadays, we get so diligently caught up in our lives that we forget to receive this grace. How do we move our lives under the Grace of God? The following points will answer this and discuss measures we have to take to receive God’s Grace:

Practice Humility

The opposite of pride is humility. Accepting God’s Grace means accepting His will for us. God has laid out our lives, He has something planned for all of His people. Thus, humbling ourselves to be utterly dependent on Him is essential. Striving for humility will help us dodge the harmful effects of pride, which is a significant element that separates us from God. As found in Psalms 10:4, “the proud countenance does not seek God; God is in none of his thoughts.” This verse clearly implicit that having a heart of humility can lead us safe from a destructive life that comes from being prideful. Furthermore, humility can enhance our gratitude, helping us realize the magnitude of God’s grace more than ever.

Cleansing Your Heart

A pure heart is the most splendid temple of Christianity. We may go through different things in life, but we all have one thing in common—we are all born with a pure heart. It is not impossible to go back to this state. Charles Lewis Anthony’s story is an ultimate testament to this. A tale like no other, Anthony’s redemption in life will inspire us to the fullest. His compelling book, Let Me Tell You How I Got Saved, is more than just a memoir. It is a literary masterpiece that entails saving a soul. Join Him on a journey of street life survival and know how he found the Grace from God, abandoning his old ways and cleansing his heart.

Walk Life With Him

As Christians, everyone is called to submit their lives to His ways. Submission can be challenging to do willingly. However, no matter how difficult it can get, you will always see the light in this journey as long as you see God. Having a close relationship with Him is the key to submit successfully. When you connect wholeheartedly with Him, you truly know Him, including his qualities. When this happens, you start to get closer to Him and willingly walk the path of life with Him. God will work in our hearts, minds, and souls as long as we are willing to.

Seek the Truth

Practicing the truth in accordance with His words is something that every Christian is required to do. You don’t want to believe in something that is not in sync with the Bible. If you must, practice reading and reflecting on His words on a daily basis. Doing this will not allow us to grow further and further away from God since His teachings show us a clear path.

Resisting Tempatation

One of the most effective ways to resist temptation is to reflect on ourselves. What happened today? Are there things that you’d want to change? Well, you might not be able to, but this is a great practice that will help you better yourself. Self-reflection can be very beneficial when it comes to our life’s progression, especially if we do it in fulfillment and in the light of God’s words. Just remember that reflecting is different from pointing out your shortcomings, but it is a fantastic opportunity to learn lessons.

The points above are the path to accept God’s Grace with your whole heart. Once we put these habits into practice, only then will God bestow us peace and joy. These will enable all of us to live under His blessings so we will never get lost. It wouldn’t hurt to start this journey right now.