The Four Barriers Keeping You From Making Change

Summer is coming upon us, and the country is slowly preparing to open after the tragedy brought by the pandemic. The lockdown has pushed everyone into hibernation, giving us a lot of time to reflect on life. Seeing how the norms are changing as well as the people, you begin asking yourself, is change possible? A question that may sound overly dramatic but has been a topic for many debates. We begin asking this question when we’re coming alive to the possibilities of what our future holds. 

There are common sayings implying people can change— and we absolutely can. However, life does not get better by chance; it gets better by change. Change is a possibility, not a given. It’s important to recognize that people can change, but not everyone does. Change doesn’t happen until someone wants it for themselves. Change is very complicated, and it doesn’t always happen the way you always envisioned it to be. It is much easier said than done. There are times in our life we wonder how we ever ended up in such a miserable situation. Was it because of one wrong decision? Was God angry at you? What is even more miserable about this is your inability to break out of this mess. You want to change, and you can see the light is clearly at the end of the tunnel, but you’re nowhere near that lightl. 

Being informed of the measures to change is not enough. Awareness of the obstacle that keeps you from making an incredible difference in your life is crucial. You might be experiencing these obstacles without even realizing it. Hence, let’s take a look at the common barriers you run into when making life changes. 

Looking With a Pessimistic Eye

First of all, painful experiences in your life can stand in your way to change. We all have hurtful experiences in our past, even in the present, that we bury deep within. This may cause you to fall into the abyss of cynicism and bitterness. These feelings may make it hard for you to see the many options and possibilities presented in front of you. Instead of confronting it head-on, you’ve decided to bury the pain, which will lead you to cower from issues you’re dealing with or will be dealing with in the future. Thus, limiting your chances of moving forward in life. Joy is in the cards for you. So, don’t judge yourself negatively and start believing in a better future. 

Fear of the Unknown

Why leap into the unknown when there’s familiarity and comfort, right? We become so comfortable with the familiar that it makes us wary of the uncertain. The fear of the unknown is normal, especially when we live in a constantly changing society. Adverse events do happen in everyone’s life, but one must be prepared to deal with those events. If not, you’ll remain in the same state, which has a detrimental impact on how you’ll live your life. 

Pressure to Conform

It’s a natural inclination for us to conform to fit in with a group. After all, we all have the need to belong. However, this can become a barrier to change when your group is not bringing you towards your goal. It’s easy to fall into a group that will lead you south. But it’s not easy to find a social group with like-minded people that share your interests. 

Take time to read Let Me Tell You How I Got Saved by Charles Lewis Anthony to help you save yourself and initiate change. Anthony shares how he is one of those people who fell in the wrong crowd because of his choice. He was pressured into making decisions for himself, some of which are bad, in order to stay alive and live to see another day. However, he was saved from falling deeper into the darkness by the Heavenly Father and he has found light. He is the living proof that it is never too late to change. 

Sometimes It’s You

Why is it so hard for us to change? Is it because of the people around you? Is it because of other people’s expectations? Or is it because of the situation you are in? Maybe it’s time to look at the bigger picture. Maybe, it’s not them but you. If you keep doing things again and again, you’ll never move forward. Often, we’ve become too invested in our situation that it’s hard to give it up. You must be hard-pressed to grow beyond where you currently are. Change doesn’t come to the people who sit around waiting without end for other people to change. You need to prioritize your own well-being and initiate change yourself by leaving an unhealthy situation.